Telemedicine Tucson Services

Telemedicine Tucson
Telemedicine Tucson services are offered by Dr. Horzempa to their patients in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus. You may choose to schedule your appointments either virtually or in our office to maintain your comfort and safety during the pandemic. As we welcome patients to visit Dr. Horzempa through video consults, we understand that you may have questions about how your visits will work to maintain your current standard of care. Continue reading for answers to your questions about telemedicine tucson consultations at the Arizona Institute of Integrative Medicine.
How does telemedicine work?
Telemedicine is not new technology, but it is seeing a huge uptick in users as the coronavirus pandemic forces more people to stay at home. A telemedicine tucson consultation with Dr. Horzempa will incorporate a video chat service so that you can still speak face to face with the doctor even though you won’t be in the same room. Visits are still about 30-60 minutes long. In addition, patients at Arizona Institute of Integrative Medicine will still have the same access as always to Dr. Horzempa via phone and email.
What if I need lab work or prescriptions?
If you require prescriptions, these may be submitted to your pharmacy electronically following your telemedicine visit. You can simply pick them up from your pharmacy when they’re ready or schedule delivery to your home. When lab work is necessary, Dr. Horzempa will help schedule these services with the appropriate providers on a case by case basis.
Are web-based primary care visits secure?
When you set up an appointment for a web-based visit in our practice, you will be provided with info to download our teleconferencing software. This software is HIPAA approved for patient security and privacy. However, you should find a quiet spot in your home where you can attend your visit to avoid members of your household overhearing or interrupting your appointment.
Can I still see Dr. Horzempa in person?
Telemedicine is an optional service for our patients at this time. If you do prefer to visit our office in person, you may schedule a traditional appointment. While you and Dr. Horzempa will be in the same room, appropriate social distancing will be maintained with masks worn during the appointment. If you are feeling sick, we do ask that you schedule a virtual appointment to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Horzmpa.