Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Dr. Horzempa provides concierge medicine Tucson residents can rely on. Concierge medicine is unlike what you may have experienced with a traditional primary care physician. You will have direct access to Dr. Horzempa at any time. Additionally, you will experience a more personalized level of medical care. Our practice size is limited, so you can get the attention you deserve during each visit. Take a look below to see the advantages of choosing this type of patient care.

Direct access

All patients have direct access to Dr. Horzempa through his personal email, patient portal, text messages, and personal phone. This means that you will never feel unsure about the specifics of your diagnosis and recommended treatments. You can freely follow up with questions and communicate directly with the doctor as needed.

Same or next day appointments

If something comes up and you need to see a doctor right away, then call our office. With same or next day appointments you will get to see your doctor when you need him without delay. You will never have to wait days or even weeks to book an appointment with your primary care physician.

Hour long visits

All visits are an hour long to allow you plenty of time to address all goals and concerns. This means an hour of face time with the doctor, rather than the bulk of the visit being spent with nurses and other office staff.

Personalized care

We understand that each person is unique and create an individualized plan for each patient. Your treatment recommendations will be based on your personal beliefs, lifestyle, and health history, among other factors.

Small patient panel

Dr. Horzempa limits his patient panel to no more than 100 patients, so that each of his patients gets the best care possible.

Care coordination

When necessary, we will help with referrals to other healthcare practitioners and speak with them directly to make sure they understand your case thoroughly.