Meet Dr. Horzempa

Dr Daniel Horzempa

“I remember my first real experience with the medical system when I was a teenager. It all started with a headache that wouldn’t go away. So, I saw doctor after doctor but no medication worked to stop this headache. Everyone had a theory as to why I was having these headaches and I had every test you could imagine (CT Scans, MRI’s, blood work, etc). I didn’t understand why this was happening and it didn’t seem like anyone else did either.

It was only when I found a doctor who took the time to understand the root causes of this headache that it was able to be treated and cured. This lesson has always stayed with me and I continue to search for root causes of disease with my patients. The first step is taking the time to look at the person as a whole. Only then can we begin to understand all the unique factors in a person’s life that have led them to where they are.”


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Dr. Daniel Horzempa is a primary care physician specializing in integrative & functional medicine in Tucson.
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Dr. Horzempa

Meet Dr. Daniel Horzempa

Training and Background

Dr. Horzempa graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2004 with a B.A. in Psychology. He then went on to complete a Post-Baccalaureate at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center. He graduated with Honors from Ross University School of Medicine in 2011 and then went on to Emory University to complete his intern year in Family Medicine. After completing his internship year in Atlanta, he went out west to the University of Arizona to complete his Family Medicine residency training. Dr. Horzempa continued his training in Tucson by completing his Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona. This training took place under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. This fellowship has only been completed by just over 1000 physicians worldwide, most through distance learning. Dr. Horzempa is one of only a handful of physicians that has been able to complete it on site at the University of Arizona. Therefore, he has had the benefit of direct supervision of the Faculty at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson. During this time he received additional training in nutrition, sleep physiology, herbal and botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Exercise Physiology and Movement, Osteopathic Manual Medicine and Stress Reduction Techniques. After completing fellowship, Dr. Horzempa became a small town family medicine doctor in rural Canada and continued to develop his knowledge and skills in Integrative Medicine. He then returned to Tucson and started his own private Integrative Medicine practice.

Clinical Practice

Dr. Horzempa’s clinical interests include a wide range of patient concerns. He deals with disease prevention, sleep physiology, enhancing longevity, nutrition, movement and exercise physiology. He also works in supplementation, herbal medicine, functional medicine, heart rate variability analysis, mind body medicine, and hormonal optimization. In his free time Dr. Horzempa enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and dog. He enjoys living in Tucson due to the ability to spend time outdoors year round. He also has a passion for studying a wide variety of movement arts, from gymnastics to martial arts.