Personalized Medicine

It’s common for primary care physicians to see their patients for no more than 10 minutes in a visit. In this short window of time, you may not be able to discuss the full extent of your symptoms—not to mention any lifestyle or emotional factors that may be further influencing your health. Personalized medicine is different. With Dr. Horzempa, you will have an hour-long visit to talk about your health history, primary concerns, and goals. You will also have time to ask any questions you have about your care and explore all possible avenues of treatment. So, your treatment plan will be developed to account for your lifestyle, personal beliefs, occupation, relationships, and spirituality. This level of personalized medicine can make a profound difference in your health. Furthermore, it can allow you to feel more empowered and in charge of your healthcare.


Dr. Horzempa’s Approach

Along with increased face time with patients, Dr. Horzempa will often utilize conventional lab tests in his diagnoses. He may also perform Advanced Biochemical Testing to further analyze the cause of a given disease. From here, Dr. Horzempa will create a personalized treatment plan. This may include nutritional changes, sleep optimization techniques, herbal medicine, exercise recommendations, hormonal balancing, stress reduction techniques, and finally, pharmacotherapy. So, you may have a much more thorough diagnosis and treatment plan than previous doctors may have recommended.