Online Resources - Integrative Medicine Education

The following are some academic institutions that are leading the way in Integrative Medicine Education.  All of the Universities below also offer very informative websites for the public. If you are interested in learning more about integrative health care before making a consultation in our practice, feel free to take advantage of the following resources.


Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

The first academic institution in the country to offer training in Integrative Medicine.  The University of Arizona has led the way for decades in training Integrative Medicine physicians and continues to innovate towards a more holistic view of health.


University of Wisconsin Integrative Health

The University of Wisconsin has a strong interest in Integrative Medicine.  Their website offers patient handouts and resources designed around Integrative Medicine topics.


Duke Integrative Medicine

One of the nation's most prestigious universities has quickly become a leader in Integrative Health.  In addition to having a informative website for the general public, Duke is also now offering additional training in Integrative Medicine.