Arizona Integrative Medicine FAQs

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Do you accept insurance?

Our practice does not accept insurance. Alternatively, Dr. Horzempa utilizes a membership program to see his patients. The membership fee is not covered by insurance. However, insurance will cover many of the labs, diagnostics and imaging that Dr. Horzempa may order. If you’d like to learn more about our membership plans, then click here.

What labs do you do?

This will vary somewhat based on the person and their medical problems.  However, everyone will need at least basic lab work to determine their baseline.  Dr. Horzempa also recommends certain lab tests that are associated with longevity and disease prevention.  Based on these initial results, further lab testing will be ordered.  This may include most advanced biomedical testing.  However, Dr. Horzempa works directly with many lab companies to make sure that any advanced testing remains high quality and affordable.

Can Dr. Horzempa be my Primary Care Doctor?


Can I see Dr. Horzempa once or twice for a consultation?


Does Dr. Horzempa prescribe medications?

Yes.  Dr. Horzempa is a specialist in Arizona integrative medicine and also completed a residency in Family Medicine. So, he can help you with all of your primary care needs.  Therefore, he can provide minor procedures, specialist referrals, medication management, preventative medicine services, and coordinating diagnostic testing like labs or imaging.


Dr. Horzempa is no longer doing single visit consults. He instead sees all of his patients under a membership program to allow the most time and best results with each patient. To become a patient of Dr. Horzempa’s, you will need to subscribe to one of our Arizona integrative medicine concierge plans.


Yes.  Dr. Horzempa is trained in using multiple modalities to improve the health of his patients, including pharmacotherapy, nutrition, exercise, stress management techniques, herbals and supplements. Therefore, he may prescribe medication as part of your treatment plan.