Integrative Medicine


What is Integrative and Functional Medicine?

The answer is that it's complicated and not as easy as defining most other specialties.  The intent of Integrative Medicine is to uncover the root causes of disease and use a wide variety of tools to treat them.  Everything from medications to herbs to mind-body methods are all employed by a skilled Integrative Medicine Doctor.  However, all of these methods are evaluated through scientific study and rigor.  Second, conventional medicine is concerned with the labeling of diseases that the patient has.  While this is useful to some degree, it is also incomplete.  Integrative Medicine looks at the person from a more holistic point of view, including the lifestyle and social factors that make the person an individual.  These personal factors are often crucial in the the person's illness and must be addressed if any progress is to be made.  Since each person is different, the treatment plan for each person will differ based on these many factors.